Education represents opportunity. When we educate our children we empower our communities. Care for Children believes that education is a universal right that can help break the cycles of poverty, disease and social inequity. It empowers children with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to shape a better future for themselves, their communities and the world.

That is why Care for Children works to ensure that all children have access to education regardless of their circumstances, gender or socio-economic background. Our programs go beyond, by providing a holistic education. We measure education not only through academic performance but also through overall success. Our holistic approach aims to develop children to excel in all aspects of life – socially, psychologically and materially. We promote cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth, leading to an education that is complete.

The success of our programs is undeniable. From the first class of 30 children in 1981, Care for Children has grown to establish 210 schools and has educated 30,000 children. Many of the children we help are the first in their families and communities to ever receive a formal education.

We believe children are our future and we work tirelessly to give them hope and provide them with the tools they need to build a bright future.